The Titans currently reside within the dimension known as Final Space. They are also said by Nightfall to be responsible for the destruction of the universe in the future, when Mooncake opens the Final Space portal in a fit of rage.

It is also known that they are sacrificed to like Gods, this is seen in Chapter 3, when the High Helpers concoct a battle-to-the-death arena in aid of sacrificing to the Titans.

It is revealed in Chapter 8 that the Titans are a race of cosmic beings seemingly born with the sole purpose of infecting the universe with chaos. Bolo was alone among his brethren in that he realized there was a better way. In a final act of defiance and rebellion, Bolo used his powers to close the portal between Final Space and the mortal universe. Imprisoned by his fellow Titans for his rebellion, Bolo has been sealed in a great cube in his own realm, reaching out with his mind to find mortals he can warn about what horror opening Final Space will unleash.


Titans appear large and monstrous, currently the only known titan appears in a large box shaped container.

Nightfall describes them as "Monstrous nightmares" stating that "words cannot describe their horror."

Known Members of Species


  • It is currently unknown why The Lord Commander wishes to get to the Titans in Final Space.