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This article is about the the TBS series character. You may be looking for the pilot character or the original series character.

Biography Edit

Mooncake first appears in Chapter One of the series. Gary initially mistakes Mooncake for a pixel until Mooncake flew into his helmet, startling him.

Mooncake is a new species of alien originally discovered by the Scarlet Lance fleet near a star about to go supernova. His discovery prompted the destruction of the Scarlet Lance by the Lord Commander. The Lord Commander subsequently began hunting him before the series Final Space begins.

When Gary finds him at the start of Final Space, he names Mooncake after a childhood pet, a caterpillar given to him by his father.

Appearance Edit

Mooncake has lime green skin and large, white eyes with small black pupils. He has a big round head with two round feet and two antennae.

Personality Edit

Mooncake cannot speak real words.

Relationships Edit

Quotes and Catchphrases Edit

  • "Chookity Dookity"
  • "Chookity-pok"
  • "Woooahhh"
  • "Awwwwwww!"
  • "No"
  • "Wow"
  • "Chookity-pah"
  • "Chookity"
  • "Ooooh"
  • 'Wah-Pa"
  • "Q-Q-Q!"