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Little is known about the origin of Lord Commander as of now. He is currently dying and the way to stop it has to do with capturing Mooncake. Lord Commander will stop at nothing to do so.

Appearance Edit

Lord Commander's species is unknown, however, he is a small, grey coloured creature with yellow eyes. Lord Commander dons a grey robe with a green and purple square on the right side of his collar. He also wears grey and green bracers.

When using his powers, Lord Commander's eyes glow yellow. 

Personality Edit

Lord Commander is shown to be cruel and tyrannical, not hesitating to use his powers to hurt, mutilate, or kill people, which he takes great enjoyment from. He also has a short temper, much like his height, lashing out at his servants for making small mistakes.

Lord Commander seems to have some dislike blood, as he is seen cringing when blood is splatter onto him in several scenes as well as when he coughs up his own blood. However, this is not always the case, as he was unfazed by the blood of a captor being splattered on his face as his servant began eating him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

In spite of his small size and seemingly frail appearance, Lord Commander compensates for it with vast telekinetic prowess. Through it is unknown if his powers are unique to him or inherited by others of his species, he is able to move and otherwise exert force on objects with his mind, sometimes in a violent manner. The strength and intensity of his powers are so that he can levitate objects much larger and heavier than himself, such as boulders, while only having to stare at his target. Lord Commander is even capable of flight by levitating himself in the air with his powers. However, it is also known that his powers are causing him to weaken each time he uses them.

He often employs his powers on living creatures, allowing him not not only grab or hold them in the air, but also to tear flesh, which allows him to dismember people to break bones, which he can use to snap the necks of his victims. His power over other people’s bodies also allows him to contort, immobilize and manipulate the motor skills of others. Additionally he appears to have a great proficiency with controling rock and stone structures, notably ripping out a portion of the stone floor of his throne room and seemingly reshaping the large mass of rock somewhat to engulf a man he was questioning.

Quotes and Catchphrases Edit

"All the pieces are in place...Let's play a little..."

Trivia Edit

  • Usually when enraged, Lord Commander’s voice goes from its normal high pitch to a distorted, monsterous snarl.