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Avocato’s son, who’s been captured and held prisoner by the Lord Commander. Separated from his father for years, Little Cato is determined to be reunited with his father.

Apperance Edit

Little Cato has orange fur with turquoise Hair, white eyes, sharp teeth and cutting claws. He also has a black mouth, pink tongue, brown eyebrows and a pink nose. Cato wears a yellow spaceshirt, gray jeans, and black walkshoes.

Personality Edit

Despite his young age (or just because of that) he is brave and rebellious. He is determined to reunite with his father after all these years. Like Avocato he can be serious and threatening (but in a less lethal way). He also makes a smart impression and does his best to cause problems for the Lord Commander.

Little Cato seems to be really bored in his captivity. In chapter 3 he shows a little beatboxing skill. He also seems to be familiar with universal communication technology.

He only smiles when he can make fun of the Lord Commander. Little Cato doesn't seem to worry about being killed by him. (In chapter 2 he seems more worried about his father than about himself).

Quotes and Catchphrases Edit