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Gary Goodspeed is the main protagonist of the Final Space (series).

Biography Edit

Gary Goodspeed is the son of John Goodspeed. As a child, Gary witnessed the death of his father while trying to investigate a gravitational anomaly above Earth. Before his death, John bequeathed his son, Gary, a caterpillar named Mooncake.

5 years before the start of the story, Gary tries to impress Quinn by impersonating an Infinity Guard pilot. While attempting to fly an F71 Hawk, he accidentally destroys 92 Imperium Cruiser ships and a small family-owned Mexican restaurant. He was promptly arrested by the Infinity Guard and sentenced to a 5 years aboard the Galaxy One with no human contact, repairing satellites.   

Appearance Edit

Gary is physically slender, has apricot skin, and has yellow hair. He wears a red space commander suit with teal green belt, gloves and boots and with a white triangular collar bearing the the Infinity Guard symbol.

His original left arm was severed by Lord Commander in Chapter 2, and was replaced by a robotic arm that was torn off of Rob, a S.A.M.E.S. robot.

Personality Edit

An impetuous, adventurous devil may care guy, who loves danger. Over the course of the first season, we’ll see Gary transform from a small time scammer to a universe saving hero.

Relationships Edit

Mooncake-Best friend Edit

Avocato-other best friend? Edit

Quinn-love interest Edit

H.U.E.-ship Ai Edit

KVN-annoying companion Edit

Lord Commander-nemesis Edit

Quotes and Catchphrases Edit

Catchphrases Edit

  • "Sweet Grandor's glove!"
  • "Oh my crap."
  • "Oh my double crap!"

Quotes Edit

  • "How about fricken’ no?!"
  • "You see, I like that. I like a girl with a lot of phones."
  • "I am going to murder your face off!"
  • "I need a facehugger in my life!"

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