This article is about the the TBS series character. You may be looking for the pilot character.


Think Han Solo if he tongue bathed himself. He's skillful, dangerous and not so trustworthy. The makings of a very imperfect best friend.

Appearance Edit

Avocato's appearance is that of an anthropomorphic feline. He has dark teal and white fur. His eyes have yellow scleras with small black pupils, as opposed to vertical-slit pupils. Pink Nose, Razor Sharp Claws, Blue Tail, Pink On His Ears, Pink Mouth, Light Pink Tongue, And Wears a Brown Sweater With a Light Belt And Robot Arm Cutoff.

Avocato in Full Armor

Avocato wearing his helmet

Personality Edit

Avocato is a rather serious bounty hunter who can seem cold and stoic at times. He does have a warm side, however, which appears especially when he is around his son and occasionally between him and Gary.

Avocato can also be shown as cruel which can be seen in the series when he casually watches a fellow bounty hunter die by getting painfully tazed.

Quotes and Catchphrases Edit